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Where have all the money gone? You work your heart out but it was never enough. Something might be wrong.

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Be informed about the current trend in finance -The Cryptocurrency

Crypto-Coins & Tokens

We believe that in the near future, cryptocurrency will be main form of exchange. Most of the transactions today are already done online, like working online, selling, entertainment, gaming and even ordering food, booking for taxi are online and the payment are also online. So, we try to accumulate digital currency as much as we could because time will come when less and less people use cash and the more  they will convert it to cryptocurrency the higher the cost will be. Fiat currency will continue to deflate while the cryptocurrency bounce up and down in its way to the top.

Financial Literacy

Life hacks, financial hacks, top tips and every days experiences that teach us lessons to improve our lives. Small things to add our life everyday will somehow accumulate into a valuable gem in the future. 

The primary principles of financial literacy include learning how to budgettrack expenses, efficiently pay off debt, and properly plan for retirement.

About Us

Coinforged™ is a blog inspired by today’s emerging technology – the cryptocurrency. Coinforged™ was formed with the idea of generating or accumulating cryptocurrency coins, tokens or any other form of digital currency. 

Nowadays we can get coins through the internet. There are flatforms like and that pay coins for online activities such as posting articles or interacting with online content. There are also surveys that can be paid for by cryptocurrencies. Others sell arts in exchange for cryptocurrency. There are also online jobs that pay on Paypal and in the next few days you can buy cryptocurrency on Paypal. This blog will discuss topics related to internet activities that can earn coins, investments, saving and more.