Hey Guys! Before you throw your used face masks, you may read this article first we will recycle as face mask? Yes we are recycling a face mask. Not as a facemask again but as a tap filter. In this way we can prolong the useful life of a face mask before it finally go to dumping site.

We have tried to recycle our used disposable face mask in order to save us some pennies but after some washing the outer layers worn out and some small strands started to separate from each other making it dangerous to our health as we might inhale those tiny strands. So, if you are planning to recycle it make sure that there are no strands that can harm your health and it is also not advisable to re-use it. 

We have discovered another way of recycling it but not as face mask but as a water filter. In this article we will  show you how to use it as a filter for (faucet) water.

Some of us drink directly from tap water as what our water distributor promotes.


We will know if our tap is really safe to drink.

Here are the things we need:

  • Used Face Mask
  • Scissor
  • and Rubber Band

We cut the mask in half and cut the ear strap just in one end and leave the other end for it to be tied on our tap. We folded the mask so we have two layers of filter.

The face masks are 3 ply and the one in the middle does the heavy work. The outer ply serves as support and water repellant I think. N95 mask specs is 0.3 micron filter. But the one we use did not specify. The label said it can filter out pollen and dust.

 After that we reinforce with a rubber band, so that it can hold stronger pressure. If the water pressure is stronger we just open the water faucet about half way.  

After a few hour we noticed that the water flow became weak so we remove our home made water filter and we are surprised.

We are drinking from it but we don’t know that it was like that. We don’t know what it this but we are sure it is not good. The filter layer did a very good job of filtering fine dirt. The water is clear even without filtering and you would not think that you can get this much dirt in a few hour.

Is you tap water safe to drink? You might as well try this trick to see how is your tap water.

Video Reference: Davao City Water District FB Page

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