Here are a Few Referrals that are Very Beneficial

Domain Name & Domain Hosting

Probably the Cheapest in the Yet One of the Best

This website got its domain name and hosting from and I can say that this is really an excellent hosting despite the very low price. It is fast, cheap and reliable. 

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You will get another month free for every friend your refer and your friend will also get a month free WordPress Hosting.

Referral is One Way of Earning

Referral is beneficial for all party as it should.

 I like to emphasize that referral should be at the cost of the product or services being referred. Let us say a particular product cost 100 at the regular market. The price from the source maybe 40% less and that 40% is the merchant’s margin. The same 40% should be split to the referred and the referral. In this case, no body lost and everybody benefited. The Referee got the product 20% lower, the referrer got 20% income and the source sold one product and a potential regular customer that may also refer another customer.

Publish0x Blogging & Posting

Publish0x is a Cryptocurrency Rewarding Platform

Earn cryptocurrency from reading and posting articles. This is a promising and fast-growing platform with new people coming every day.

You’ll get ETH, BAT and LRC (loopring) by reading and tipping good post. You can also receive the same coins from the tips on you post. Good articles get more attentions and thus earns more from tips.

Joining is very easy and you can be onboard in about 20 second.

Blogging, Posting, Gaming, Social Media, Community & many more

Hive is a blockchain of everything. I highly recommend this platform as it is growing fast. This is a new fork from another blockchain and it is gaining more and more popularity. I recommend this blockchain because it is undervalued and it is only a matter of time before everyone discovered this and it will be priceless. For now I have still a few crypto holding that is why I am happy while it is cheap. I got to have more before it finally soar.

You will earn cryptocurrency (HIVE) by creating original content and liking good content. There are also online games where you can earn coins while you play. This is a fast-growing community where you can invest to have a better influence and have a greater APR.