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In our workplace we observe different types of traits of people towards work and co-workers. We sometimes encounter people that behave undesirably.

In this post, I’m going to write about a previous colleague and my observations about his work traits

During my previous work, I have worked with a guy whom I think his approach towards jobs is somewhat different. Let me call him Mr. Easy. I was amazed at his confidence that everything you are going to talk about is so easy for him. Everything seems so easy for him.

Mr. Easy is not in this picture and is not with this company

The confidence

When we arrive at our new job site. I observe this guy who is exceptionally confident. He had worked in this country before and he is familiar with the language. He seemed so confident about everything. Although I have also experienced working in this country before, I am not that confident though I am not that ignorant as the first time I arrived.

The worksite

We were assigned to a job we are both new. I am confident I will be able to do the job with a little briefing and so he is. During our interview, he was accepted while I was under observation and with him as the guy teach me during my observation period. His confidence wins the boss’s approval and my hesitance put me under-observation status.

We have to be briefed on the instruments, current status, as well as learn about the procedure in doing the jobs as the old contractors are going to turn over this project to our company. We have to extract as much knowledge as we can before the old contractor go.

The Style

Mr. Easy (This will be our guy’s name) doesn’t want to ask a question to the old guy. First, maybe because of the fact that he already told us that it is simply easy. Second, I think maybe Mr. Confidence was thinking that the old guy would later tell the boss who interviewed us that Mr. Confidence does not actually know the jobs on the first hand. Or was thinking that might be the case or maybe just to show the old guy that he already knows it and no need to ask but at the same time he would push me to ask the old guy everything which I did. I told the old guy the same thing I told the interviewer that this is the first time I am going to do the job though I have the idea of how it works and I am confident I can do the job but I don’t have experience doing the job. So in that situation, I was able to extract everything I need to know from the old guy which I am also sharing the knowledge with him.

One time we receive a job which does not belong to us but it was a bit complicated that the other department asks for our help. We were able to fix the equipment with my ideas but he gets the credit because he is the one talking to that department’s boss. He became proud and he thinks he smelt so good on our boss’s nose.

Later that month or so, our section foreman goes for a vacation and he will need a replacement. I feel he might be interested in the post but being new gives him a slim chance. A more senior guy was temporarily got the post which later becomes permanent because the old foreman did not take back the post after coming back from vacation.

I observed that Mr. Easy has a personal grudge with the newly appointed foreman because he would say “that this guy does not know the job” and he is intentionally delaying jobs in the hope of destroying the new foreman’s reputation. Mr. Easy feels that he has the ability to destroy the guy and prove that he is better because he can casually talk to our bosses. But he did not succeed in doing his intention. The foreman would ask me to check the ticket which Mr. Easy did not finish. Which I will do. That made him angry at me. And our relationship was severed. He would ask me to decline the job which is not my attitude.

Later on, everyone in our department keeps their distance from him. So he would socialize with other departments but not with his department.

And it goes like that for the rest of our time there.

Before the end of our contract, we can sign another contract or submit our exit form. Most of us would ask for an increment and if not they will try to submit exit which will then force the management to bargain. If they need you they will try to bargain for a salary and if not they will sign for your exit which the company wants to avoid as much as possible. Hiring a replacement would be more expensive than giving a reasonable increment.

In his case, he submitted a conditional exit. If the salary demand is met, he would go for a vacation and come back, and if not he will go exit.

Due to the shortage of employees, the company does not want as much as possible to sign an exit and give in to the demand of the employees if it was not so much. If it was so much the boss can recommend giving his demand as he is important to the department and for that, the boss needs input from the foreman if this guy is really worth that much.

In his case, due to his confident attitude, he thinks he can bypass the foreman because he was close to the boss. He demanded a salary increment more than his worth and when the boss asked the foreman if do you need this guy? Which the foreman replied with a smile. We will not feel his absence. Someone has been doing his job for quite some time.

Mr. Easy has good convincing power but it will only work while you still don’t know him fully. As a matter of fact, he has managed to get on offer from another company he was referred to by a man he talked on some occasions. He can convince a guy that he is an expert. He can talk to anybody and he loves to talk to people especially those that are in a higher position.

This ability is good at selling something, in his case selling himself. While it is a good deal at the start it has to be maintained.


While we have the power to convince we must still do the necessary work to maintain a good reputation. Destroying or trying to destroy someone to gain leverage is a dishonorable act.


I have read an article that said

success is 12% hard work and 88% communication

And I agree with it. No matter what we do, however, we do, we need to communicate. But hard work should not go below 11 percent else success will come too early too short.